We know that this pandemic has caused fear in the greater world population. It has also caused the same sense of excitement in children who do not understand its breadth nor consequences, that feeling they get on a snow day, the idea of no school. But most importantly we understand how this pandemic is affecting those members of our community who suffer silently at the hands of their abuser, the same person who may now remain in the home for 24 hours during a voluntary or involuntary quarantine.

We want you to know the courts are NOT closed. Your access to help is still open, your access to the police is still open. You can still obtain a temporary restraining order to require your abuser to leave the home. You still have access to judges who will do their best to protect you, especially in this time of need.

If you are in an abusive situation and need help:

Neither organization requires an order of protection to assist you. Then call us to schedule a video or telephone conference to discuss your next options for a final resolution of the abuse you do not deserve.

Contact our attorneys Abigale M. Stolfe and Sonya K. Zeigler at New Jersey Family Law Group at 732-240-9555. Our trusted team is available when you need guided legal counsel.