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Divorce is often viewed as a hotly contested legal process which goes to trial, where a judge decides the final settlement agreement. However, there are many divorce and family law cases where both parties are able to work out their differences through mediation without stepping foot in a courtroom. This process allows couples to have complete control over the divorce process.

If you are interested in resolving divorce disputes through mediation, our Moorestown mediation lawyers at Stolfe Zeigler New Jersey Family Law Group can help you and your spouse find a fair solution which benefits both parties as much as possible. Throughout the process, we will listen to each spouse’s concerns and needs, encourage effective communication and compromise, and come up with a creative and mutual settlement agreement.

Wonder how mediation works in New Jersey? Our Moorestown divorce mediation attorneys can guide you through the process. Contact us online or call us at (732) 585-1651 for more information.

Mediation Process in New Jersey

Mediation is led by a mediator, who is a mutual third party (e.g. lawyer, therapist, counselor, and other family law expert) who will listen, facilitate, and guide the spouses through sessions which negotiations are held. The mediator serves both parties with the goal to provide creative solutions toward a mutual agreement. Mediation is an opportunity for both spouses to resolve their differences without going through the lengthy, expensive, and highly contentious court proceedings.

The following are the main benefits of divorce mediation in New Jersey:

  • Less costly compared to court litigation
  • Takes less time compared to trial due to the scheduling flexibility of mediation
  • Both spouses have control of their settlement agreement, rather than allowing a judge to decide
  • The mediation process is confidential and private, while the court record is available to the public
  • Less contentious and divisive compared to court proceedings, which greatly benefits children
  • Shows that both spouses are able to work through their differences, which is a great sign for the future when they must continue to co-parent their children

The divorce mediator will thoroughly assess your situation and ask questions about various divorce issues. During the sessions which follow the initial consultation, the mediator will promote effective discussions between the two parties and provide possible solutions. Once an agreement is reached, the mediator will write up the final settlement, which can be submitted to the court.

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Not only do our Moorestown divorce attorneys have the tools for mediation, but also have a comprehensive understanding of the New Jersey family law system. With our experienced legal help, we can help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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