The decision to divorce isn’t easy for every person, and may not be the right decision for your situation. Before contacting a lawyer, many people who are considering ending their marriage talk to family and close friends who have gone through a divorce, or scour the internet for information about family law. But no matter how well-intentioned your friends are, they cannot give you impartial, legal advice on the best options for you and your family. Even if your closest friend was recently divorced in your state, their circumstances may be vastly different than yours – there is no one-size-fits-all divorce.

Before You Decide to Divorce

Accurate information about family law, divorce, laws and unique case precedents in your state, is vital information you need before deciding to divorce your spouse. If you are considering ending your marriage, you should consult a New Jersey attorney before you decide to divorce.

  • What are the pros and cons of divorce in your state?
  • Are you eligible for alimony?
  • Will you get custody of your children?
  • How much will you receive for child support?
  • What will happen to your business?
  • Can your ex-spouse move your children out of state?

5 Benefits to Consulting a NJ Attorney BEFORE You Decide to Divorce

During a pre-divorce consultation, an attorney can assess your situation, explain the divorce process to you and give you impartial advice on your case. At this point, you have not hired a lawyer: this is a consultation to understand your legal situation in the event you do decide to divorce in the future.

1. Know Your Rights
Every state has different family and divorce laws, and you need to know how your state’s laws impact you and your family. Is there a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to consider? New Jersey divorce is a legal transaction based on state laws, not on emotions. You need to understand what is in your best interests and how your state’s laws will impact your future before you decide to divorce.

2. Understand Your Options
Does your spouse want a divorce while you do not? Are there alternatives to divorce that would be better in your situation, such as legal separation? Is divorce mediation a good option in your situation?

3. Know the Finances
How much will a divorce cost? Are you in debt? Do you own a business? How will divorce impact your retirement? How much child support will you receive or pay? Should you hire a divorce financial analyst?

4. Are Your Prepared to Divorce Now?
If you are considering divorcing, a divorce consultation can tell you if you are prepared to divorce now, or if it would be better to divorce at a future date. Divorce now may be the right decision if you or your children are unsafe at home, while divorce may be better in the future if you need to gather financial documents, wait until your children are at a different age or until a business transaction is finalized. The decision to divorce is not easy – but its equally important to choose the best time to divorce to protect you and your family.

5. Peace Of Mind
Considering divorce is very emotional and stressful. Whatever your reasons for wanting a divorce, you cannot make good decisions without the correct information. Hiring an experienced New Jersey attorney for a pre-divorce consultation gives you the facts and peace of mind so you can make an informed, unemotional decision about your future.

WATCH: What Is A Divorce Consultation?
Attorney Abigale M. Stolfe of New Jersey Family Law Group explains what is covered in an initial divorce consultation.

What Is A Divorce Consultation? | Stolfe Zeigler New Jersey Divorce Group


Are You Considering Divorce?

Hiring a divorce consultant is a proactive decision if you are considering divorce in the future.

#ProtectWhatMattersMost With A Divorce Consultation

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