At the start of the Covid pandemic, people were clinging to family members and couples who may have been considering divorce put their plans on hold. As the vaccination rates have increased and workplaces have begun to reopen and social restrictions are ending, many spouses have decided they no longer want to be married to the person they quarantined with. Across the U.S. divorce rate has skyrocketed as restrictions end, and people have less fear and are more optimistic about the future. A recent article on the increased divorce rate in Business Insider said:

“The overall stresses of the pandemic — financial, emotional, and physical — are forcing some people to take a hard look at their partners. Tensions are high, and there’s nowhere to go.”

Many couples had issues in their marriage prior to the pandemic but put their divorce plans on hold for different reasons. While most divorce and family law offices like Stolfe-Zeigler continued to work remotely and to meet with clients via video technology, the Judges and divorce courts were also limited.

According to a survey from LegalTemplates, couples that were spending 24/7 together and confronting major COVID-19 related stressors, resulted in a 34% increase in divorce agreements compared to the same period in 2019. And, that newlyweds were hit the hardest: 58% of those pursuing a divorce during the pandemic were married within the last five years – a 16% increase from 2019.

Domestic Abuse

The added tension on couples during the pandemic has not only increased divorce rates but also led to a rise in domestic abuse. While incidents of domestic abuse increased, the New England Journal of Medicine also reported a drop in domestic violence hotline calls.

Are You Considering Divorce?

divorce consultation is a proactive decision if you are considering divorce in the future. The decision to divorce is not easy, and a pre-divorce consultation with an attorney who can assess your situation, explain the divorce process to you and give you impartial advice on your case can be helpful. At this point, you have not hired a lawyer: this is a consultation to understand your legal situation in the event you do decide to divorce in the future.

#ProtectWhatMattersMost With A Divorce Consultation

Before you decide to divorce, accurate information about family law, divorce, laws and unique case precedents in your state is vital information you need before deciding to divorce your spouse. If you are considering ending your marriage, you should consult a New Jersey attorney before you decide to end your marriage.

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