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Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our family, friends and our community. At Stolfe Zeigler our clients are our neighbors, friends and community members. As businesses, schools, restaurants, gyms and churches close their doors to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, nothing is business as usual: every day brings changes and a new normal. Social distancing and self-isolation are impacting everyone in our community, especially the most vulnerable.

We are thinking of you, and what you need today and in the future. We are calling each and every one of our current and prior clients to check in on you and make sure you’re OK and don’t need anything. If you haven’t heard from us yet and have any imminent non-legal needs, please call our office and we will immediately address their issue. Stolfe Zeigler’s virtual office is open and you can reach us at (732) 240-9555 or e-mail us at

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We’re proud of how our local South Jersey and Moorestown community members are coming together with supplies and support.

Caremongering is a new trend during #QuarantineLife to help vulnerable people during this global pandemic. The opposite of scaremongering, it has turned into a worldwide movement through social media and hashtags that provide a permanent record of all the good and #ActsOfKindness that are happening.

Our team at Stolfe Zeigler is participating in caremongering in our community. We have joined the community-wide effort of neighbors helping neighbors, and we are picking up and delivering household essentials and prescriptions to our client’s homes.

Social media is helping communities reach the high-risk, vulnerable and in need. Facebook and Nextdoor groups and crowd fundraising pages are helping spread the word and raise money to buy supplies. However, many elderly and low-income families may not be on social media, so people are going door-to-door to check on neighbors. Some New Jersey towns have started ‘Adopt A Senior’ initiatives to help nursing home residents, and individuals and businesses are donating extra food items to local food banks.

We’re all in this together. Stay healthy and be safe ❤️. #ProtectWhatMattersMost

-Sonya and Abby

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