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Office Policy & Safeguards Regarding Coronavirus


At Stolfe Zeigler, the health and well-being of our staff, clients and community is our top priority. We understand the uncertainty and concern you may be experiencing and are committed to being responsive to those needs. In order to provide all of our client’s peace of mind at this time, we offer you a summary of the steps we are taking and will continue to make as it relates to emergency preparedness associated with the Coronavirus.

It is our utmost priority to keep our staff and all of those we work with healthy and fully functional, while, at the same time, continuing to maintain the same level of professionalism and efficiency in representing our clients and moving cases forward.

A number of years ago we implemented a cloud-based system which gives all members of the staff access to our data base from any internet connection regardless of its location. Within that virtual data base, we maintain all information regarding each of our clients, their cases, as well as their personal contact information. This cloud-based system is safe guarded with multiple levels of security protection and has been utilized by us for several years. Utilizing this system will allow all of our staff to work from home in the event they are in a voluntary or involuntary quarantine situation.

Additionally, all staff members will have access to e-mail in real time, as well as the firm’s calendar, including all court appearances, mediations and meetings, as well as the contact information for all adversaries and judges. This will allow us to continue to facilitate the movement of each of your cases regardless of physical access to our buildings.

The timing and sensitivity of any legal action is incredibly significant, however, with the nature of what we do here in Stolfe Zeigler in the arena of family law, we view our cases as particularly time sensitive, and, for this reason, had established this protocol a number of years ago following the Superstorm Sandy when our physical space was effected. The result of that experience has allowed us to test our virtual office environment and its success.

Under separate cover we are also writing to the courts and our respective judges to advise them of our emergency preparedness plan. We will also continue to implement teleconferences, video conferences and docusign which will eliminate the need for clients and/or staff to be physically present in either of the offices in order to conduct work on a client’s matter. Our telephone will remain in use on a call-forwarding feature.

In closing, please take comfort in the fact our firm successfully made it through the catastrophic impact the firm suffered from Superstorm Sandy and we feel that has better prepared us for the drastic steps and adjustments we are making as a result of this pandemic.

In the event any of you have questions, please do not hesitate to call Lisa Simmons. Again, we want to assure you we will continue to work on your files as we would if physically located in either our South Jersey or Moorestown office and you should continue to contact us as always through our telephone (732) 240-9555 or e-mail.

Very truly yours,