Divorce and co-parenting are never easy, especially under the spotlight. The recent Hollywood divorce and custody negotiations between celebrities Jenna Dewan and Chanum Tatum show that money and fame don’t make everything easier – especially learning to co-parent their daughter under the public eye. US Weekly has reported that Dewan and Tatum agreed to use OurFamily Wizard, an app that simplifies co-parenting by helping divorced parents communicate, to help raise their 6-year-old daughter together:

“The app allows parents to map out their schedules, as well as list any expenses, keep track of daily activities with a journal, and share messages that cannot be edited, deleted or retracted by either party.”

Technology – particularly social media – is the root of many divorces, and over 30% of divorces involve Facebook, according to Divorce Magazine. However, when used constructively technology can be an effective tool to help couples co-parent during and after their divorce.

Co-parenting apps can help couples navigate a better relationship during all phases of their divorce from separation through the divorce process and post-divorce including:

  • improve communications
  • reduce costs
  • decrease stress
  • enhance co-parenting

7 Co-Parenting and Divorce Apps and Technology Tools

Under the best of circumstances, divorce and co-parenting are stressful. Here are some co-parenting apps that are used and recommended by lawyers, courts and coaches to help couples manage the stress and logistics of divorce and co-parenting.

Our Family Wizard helps divorced couples communicate and resolve co-parenting issues such as child custody schedules, parenting expenses and sharing information.

coParenter was the brainchild of retired California Judge Sherrill A. Ellsworth that’s goal is to avoid conflict and save money, stay out of court and make better decisions for your kids.

Amicable is a smartphone app created by UK family counselor, Kate Daly and tech entrepreneur, Pip Wilson. Amicable’s goal is to reduce both the cost and emotional stress of divorce; “Most divorces are conducted in an adversarial way. We don’t believe that divorce has to be a train wreck.”

Talking Parents is an online communication tool for co-parenting designed to create a record for all of your communications in the event that either you or your ex need to supply proof of correspondence to the courts.

2houses is a shared calendar designed specifically for separated and divorced families to schedule child activities and custody and has a detailed expense report to track anything purchased for the child. 2houses has a file-sharing feature for parents to share report cards, shopping lists,k medical information, release forms and other documents.

SupportPay is a secure app to track and manage child support and spousal support payments. SupportPay can be used by one parent to track and document their own payments, or by both parties to schedule and communicate about past and future payments.

DivorceWorks was designed by two psychologists with 3 decades of experience with families going through separation and divorce. With a focus on emotional awareness and regulation, the app provides information and resource to assist with coping during this difficult time. It includes features to help parents transition to a new and happy reconfiguration of family and self, including checklists, weekly reminders, an emotional rating system, self-help quizzes, cooling and comforting tips, and a reading list.

Apps and other technology are not solutions to co-parenting for divorced couples. But technology can be a useful tool to make life easier and manage the particularly stressful aspects of divorce and co-parenting.


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