We’ve all heard the relatively bleak divorce statistics that are often touted by statisticians and those in the psychology space, but things seem to be changing in recent times. And especially, things seem to be changing in the state of New Jersey.

The Divorce Rate is Falling, But Why?

One reason that researchers believe the divorce rate for 2020 and 2021 is dropping is because of the uncertainty that the entire nation is facing. After all, the current pandemic is unprecedented and the financial concerns that many are finding themselves in are worse than any we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

“Our firm has actually seen an increase in divorces involving businesses, business owners, and their spouses. For business owners that want to keep their business, they can potentially benefit from the decrease in value resulting from the pandemic, by obtaining a lower valuation for equitable distribution. Conversely, for businesses that are seeing a surge from the pandemic, we are seeing an influx of new cases where the spouse is wanting a buyout of the business files for divorce to benefit from the increase caused by revenue increases. Although valuations typically use multiple-year averages, the inclusion of 2020 and possibly 2021 in the valuation can definitely impact a business valuation either way.”


As a result, many couples may be remaining together out of fear of what it could mean to separate, according to the NY Times. After all, with so many other things in their lives and the world-changing dramatically, many people are nervous about making another major change in their life and instead are looking for at least one thing to stay the same: their marriage.

In 2019 the CDC reported that there were approximately 746,971 divorces, or approximately 2.7 per 1,000 couples. New Jersey is very near the national average, with approximately 2.5 divorces per 1,000 couples as of the same year.

What is Gray Divorce and Why is it Increasing?

Gray divorce is a type of divorce that occurs later in the marriage and in couples over the age of 50. Gray divorce is one area that seems to be on the rise in 2021. These are divorces that occur later in life, between individuals who are older and who have been married for a longer period of time. Even though the general divorce rate is decreasing, these rates seem to be holding a little steadier.

It seems that older couples are creating somewhat of a surge overall, and that surge becomes even more alarming in couples who are on a second or subsequent marriage rather than a first. Even worse, these later-life divorces can have extreme effects on the individuals who go through them. These physical problems are more prevalent in individuals who have been married for a long time and choose to divorce for any reason:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Financial dilemmas
  • Emotional difficulties

Divorce has doubled in couples over 50 in the past year, and divorce in people over the age of 65 has tripled.

Understanding the Implication of New Jersey Divorce Trends

Just what does it mean that divorce trends may be changing? It may be too early to tell. That’s because there was actually a large increase in divorces at the beginning of the pandemic when the first five to seven months saw a dramatic increase.

As the pandemic continued, however, rates started to slow, reaching the low that we see now. But professionals aren’t so sure that it’s going to last. In fact, they believe that we might be in for a new boom in divorces once the pandemic is over and people start returning to their normal lives.

After all, once the pandemic has ended, it’s likely that much of the uncertainty that people have been facing will also start to clear up, and they’ll be more willing to take on the risks and the side effects that come with ending a marriage.

Divorce Consultation: Protect What Matters Most

If you’re not sure whether divorce is the right decision for you and your family, you should consider having a divorce consultation. During a pre-divorce consultation, an attorney can assess your situation, explain the divorce process to you and give you impartial advice on your case. At this point, you have not hired a lawyer: this is a consultation to understand your legal situation in the event you do decide to divorce in the future.

A divorce consultation can help answer some of the following questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of divorce in New Jersey?
  • Are you eligible for alimony?
  • Will you get custody of your children?
  • How much will you receive in child support?
  • What will happen to your business?
  • Can your ex-spouse move your children out of state?

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