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Abigale M. Stolfe and Sonya K. Zeigler are skilled family law attorneys in Ocean County and are well-equipped to help individuals navigate through the complex family legal system. We understand that divorce, child custody battles, and property distribution are emotionally charged events that take huge tolls on our clients. Being fraught with legal challenges that can have long-term adverse impacts on ex-husbands, ex-wives, and their children can be stressful. That’s why we are committed to securing a bright future for the clients and families we serve, through guided insight and zealous advocacy. Let New Jersey Family Law Group fight to protect what you deserve.

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New Jersey’s Award Winning Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Skilled in both trial litigation and settlement negotiation, our Ocean County family law attorneys are Martindale-Hubbell® rated AV Preeminent®, have an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb, and have been recognized by Super Lawyers® Magazine. We focus on achieving optimal results in every situation.

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Why Hire New Jersey Family Law Group?

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Skilled in both trial litigation and settlement negotiation, our Ocean County family law attorneys are Martindale-Hubbell® rated AV Preeminent®, have an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb, and have been recognized by Super Lawyers® Magazine. We focus on achieving optimal results in every situation. We recognize that the highly emotional nature of divorce affects everyone involved, including your children—that’s why we strive to provide respectful, attentive legal solutions you can rely on for years to come.

A team of dedicated and experienced attorneys

Thorough communication and preparation

Personalized legal services tailored to you

Award-winning legal representation

Comprehensive guidance from start to finish

Alternative dispute resolution services

Skilled representation during divorce litigation

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While we pride ourselves in providing premier legal services to our clients, our family law attorneys take additional steps when preparing your case. You are not just a number here, we will advocate for you as if our case were our own.

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Well-Versed in Executing Complex Cases

Ms. Stolfe and Ms. Zeigler have extensive knowledge in divorce litigation and family law mediation matters, from pre-nuptial agreements and post-judgment litigation. Our team has reached countless favorable resolutions on behalf of individuals involved in high-net-worth, complex, and litigious cases. As dedicated family lawyers, our goal is to guide our clients to the right path towards emotional and financial resolution.

We have repeatedly provided trusted legal counsel, with the solid goal of de-mystifying what is often a client’s first experience with our judicial system.

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Fearlessly Fighting For Our Clients Best Interests

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With comprehensive experience handling complex divorce and family law matters—especially those involving business owners, executives, asset owners, and their spouses—our legal team has the proven ability to fearlessly protect our clients’ best interests.

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Meet Our Team

Sonya Zeigler

Sonya K Zeigler, Esq.

Abigale M Stolfe, Esq

Abigale M Stolfe, Esq

Heather Capp, Esq

Heather Capp, Esq
Managing Attorney

What Clients Are Saying

Superior & compassionate service! For the past 8 yrs or more, Sonya Ziegler and colleagues have been right there with me through my divorce, child support issues, and even for my current husbands’ major issues with his custody/support issues.2013, I was a stay-at-home mother of 13 yrs, 3 small children, scared, unaware of my rights, finances, and future. From day one Sonya guided me through every step of the way, answering every call, never wavering, never allowing me to be intimidated or bullied by my ex or his attorney despite their efforts. In the end, I kept my home, received the proper financial support, and got everything I was entitled to, including my dignity. Also further long I was able to be remarried and continue receiving financial support (as per our agreement, anything is possible and negotiable). As for my current husband, Sonya and Ed have been fighting hard since he’s been battling ongoing custody and support problems. Like many fathers, he’s battling someone who clearly has no respect for the law, orders, or even the best interest of the children. There’s hope, don’t worry dads! At the end of the day, if it wasn’t for this firm I now consider my family, We both would’ve ended up like so many others out there constantly struggling, complaining about decrees, etc. Make the best decision for you and your future and trust Stolfe Zeigler Family Law Firm.

Lisa S.
Abby literally saved my family. She made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire custody process with my children, and for that I am so very grateful. Would recommend her to anyone that needs an attorney who will fight for their clients. Thank you so much Abby!
Rose S.

I highly recommend this firm. From the first consultation, I felt Sonya had my best interest at heart and had critical experience with people like my ex. Throughout the divorce process, Sonya and her team took exceptional care to make sure I was protected and safe under the law and in person. They explained my options, were realistic, and gave me the confidence to stand my ground at crucial times. During what seemed like an unending nightmare, I knew the firm had my back and would work tirelessly for me.

Kelsey, Toms River, NJ

I have worked with Sonya and Abby for many years. They have both always displayed the utmost integrity and respect for me in very stressful family law situations. They have a staff that is also wonderful to deal with. I never felt like a bother. I always knew whoever I spoke with knew my case and that made me feel like my case mattered to them. They fought tirelessly for me over a period of close to 10 years and always told me exactly what the pros and cons were so I could make informed decisions. I have friends who started out with different family law firms but quickly realized they had made mistakes and ultimately switched to the Stolfe Zeigler firm. I am hopeful my circumstances will not require any additional legal work however if it does this is the firm I want on my side. I truly cannot say enough about how impressive this firm is and I strongly recommend them.

Rithann T., Toms River, NJ

Stolfe & Zeigler (Family Law Group) name was given to me by a mutual friend who described Stolfe & Zeigler (Abigale M. Stolfe) as an intelligent lawyer with a Family Law background. I used Stolfe & Zeigler (Family Law Group) to dispute ex-wife alimony and child support. I’ve reached out to Abigale M. Stolfe for a free consultation regarding my dispute. She listened to my concerns and answered all my questions, that is when I decided to retain Stolfe & Zeigler services. Stolfe & Zeigler and the entire team were very knowledgeable. The team office was always prompt to respond and answer any of my questions throughout the process up until, during, and after case closing. Everything went to my best interests!.. : ) Stolfe & Zeigler and team is an outstanding group; I could not have been happier and strongly recommend Stolfe & Zeigler. I’m so glad I did not use anybody else for the services. I not only recommend Stolfe & Zeigler, but I guarantee once you have used the Stolfe & Zeigler services, you will be happy with the legal service provider. Thank you! Very happy customer – : )

Mac, Woodbridge, NJ

I would highly recommend Stolfe Zeigler for any legal matter, they went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.

Nelson R., Toms River, NJ

I am a single father that was just awarded PPR in a case where there was no custody evaluations and neither parent’s fitness was questioned. To me, that speaks volumes in and of itself. She is quite the presence in a courtroom, sophisticated looks and a “take no nonsense” attitude . I was actually sitting back in awe of her giving her opening remarks and then follow up statement. Extremely articulate and was able to present my case in such a way that she could have made anyone clearly see the merits of our case. Notice I said “our” case, that’s how it felt. She takes ownership and that’s rare. This is the second time she represented me…she is 2 for 2. Thanks Sonya…as amazing as you are, I hope the next time I see you it is in Wegman’s or at the beach, I am so done with 213 Washington St 😉

John C., Absecon, NJ

Abby zealously represents her clients with a masterful command of family legal issues. She is able to handle complex matters with ease. The best in Ocean County!

Rob, Allenhurst, NJ
When I first met Sonya Zeigler I had no idea how the divorce process worked and what my rights were in the situation. She listened to me and then explained the strengths of my position. When I understood how the law was working for me, my fears were calmed. I was confident that she would fight for all that I was due. She is a creative thinker when it comes to solving problems and took into consideration my ideas when crafting solutions. I always felt that we were a team with my well-being the goal. My case was very contentious and trying yet Ms. Zeigler always pushed forward with letters, phone calls and meetings to attempt to settle in a fair manner. Sonya Zeigler worked with my best interests in sight. She kept to the highest standards in all her work and thus has the respect of her colleagues and of course me.

Due to disability, I began working with an attorney to reduce or terminate my alimony obligation. After ~ 3 years and thousands of dollars in attorney fees and unwarranted alimony, there was no ending in sight. At that point, I terminated our relationship and retained Abigale who I had seen in action during a court appearance. Long story short. Abigale handled my case in a professional knowledgeable manner with the outcome being that my alimony was terminated with no further obligations required on my behalf. I can’t say enough about her knowledge of the law and the many courses a case can take as well as the support of her staff.